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Brown Jordan Transferred the Real-Life Brand Experience Online

Read on to find out how Brown Jordan improved the overall brand experience online by utilizing the power of 3D visual assets

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The Challenge

Transferring the real-life brand experience online

For more than 75 years, Brown Jordan has been one of the most well-known and well-loved outdoor furniture brands. Boasting a wide selection of iconic outdoor furniture pieces, Brown Jordan furniture may as well be considered the gold standard when it comes to outdoor living.

The sleek, contemporary design, paired with superior craftsmanship and a reputation of lifelong quality, easily set Brown Jordan apart.

However, when it came to conveying the same real-life brand experience online, Brown Jordan hit a wall. Serving the same customer experience to the different groups of users on their website — trade, commercial, residential — proved to be more challenging than anticipated.

Not only do different users have different needs, but traditional product photography could do little when it came to this particular problem.
While photoshoots produced beautiful scenes highlighting the products, silo images were limited in materials and would often feature specific light and angle settings, something that didn’t portray the level of care Brown Jordan offers to their customers. On top of that, these images weren’t versatile when it came to being reused.

The very same images weren’t helpful to designers either, a large user group on the Brown Jordan website — and according to Les Taylor, the Creative Director at Brown Jordan, “designers need a website to work with them, not against them.”

So how do you solve a thorny issue in a way that provides a consistently smooth customer experience online, at scale?

Partnering with Cylindo gave Brown Jordan the answers they were looking for.

Les Taylor
What you see is that the user experience has been vastly improved. It’s a testament to everybody’s hard work

The Solution

3D product visualization for a new and improved look and feel

Here’s how Brown Jordan made the most of the Cylindo platform:


Using the Cylindo 360 HD Viewer to better serve different audiences

Offering product customization on a company’s website is no longer just a nice feature to have — in today’s world, it’s a necessity.

As a leader in the industry, Brown Jordan has been well aware of that, which is why they introduced the Cylindo 360 HD Viewer on their website.

Now, both designers and residential clientele can take the Cylindo 360 HD Viewer for a spin — literally! — and visualize furniture models from a 360 degree perspective. What’s more, the customization features allow the Cylindo 360 HD Viewer to double as a product configurator and allow visitors to find (or create) precisely the model they’re looking.

The Cylindo 360 HD Viewer has also enabled designers to better serve their end customers, which further improves the overall Brown Jordan experience. With the 2D and 3D download options (just a click of a button away) and photorealistic models, designers can now safely reassure clients that they’re getting exactly what they’ve hoped for: bespoke outdoor furniture pieces made to last.

“Cylindo is one of those major differentiators between our competitors and us. You can tell the difference — Cylindo really is the most robust offering that’s out there” — Julie Daniel, Senior VP of Marketing at Brown Jordan


Utilized Cylindo Create for a refined look across multiple platforms and touchpoints

The brand consistency Brown Jordan was after has been easily achieved with Cylindo.

Brown Jordan can now showcase lifelike products in consistent settings without exhausting additional resources to achieve the desired on-brand effect. All images now follow a similar style, angle, and tone, with the scalability of the objects no longer an issue.

Thanks to Cylindo Create, one of the many Cylindo platform offerings that allows clients to leverage 3D assets across multiple platforms and various brand touchpoints, Brown Jordan can now extract the maximum out of their 3D library.

The very same assets featured on the website can be easily reapplied to create a distinguished look on social media platforms and both digital and print brand catalogs.

“Cylindo seemed to fit — from a quality standpoint — what we wanted to do. Through the years, we’ve also learned that Cylindo’s promise — we want to be an extension to your team — is exactly what’s happened. The customer support has been outstanding” said Les Taylor, Creative Director at Brown Jordan.


Established a future-proofed 3D library that can be repurposed

High-quality library assets produced today live forever, and as previously mentioned, can be used and reused as many times as necessary in different scenarios without additional costs.

Brown Jordan can now take advantage of thousands of high-poly 3D imagery that’s standardized, on-brand, and ready to be repurposed. The Cylindo 3D visual assets can be integrated into a variety of interactive and customer-friendly tools such as floorplanning, virtual markets, and so on.

With lowered product photography costs and diverse asset usability, the Cylindo partnership proves to be a worthy investment.

Before and after products
Since partnering with Cylindo, Brown Jordan has:
more sales
Provided the sought-after bespoke brand experience to a dual audience
Average time on
page increased
New users visits
Sessions increase

The Results

Increased engagement that drives loyalty and trust

Following the Cylindo implementation, Brown Jordan has witnessed an increase in new user visits by 20.2% and new sessions by 21.6%.

Timeless Brown Jordan collection pieces are now given the lifelike representation they deserve, following the same theme and color palettes in both print and digital (without putting additional pressure on the internal teams).

The residential, trade, and commercial users are clearly pleased with the Cylindo 360 HD Viewer, as average time on page on the newly-launched Brown Jordan website has skyrocketed by 119.83%.

Julie Daniels
We enjoy the relationship we have with Cylindo. We’ve already seen the benefits of providing a good user experience on our website, and we’re really pleased. We can’t wait to see the continuous effect of having 2D and 3D renderings, as well as every other functionality we’ve added

Furthermore, design professionals can now utilize the full power of the Brown Jordan website with the ability to configure customized furniture pieces that meet even the most taxing demands. What’s even more, the download rates for 2D and 3D files, a bare necessity for any design in progress, have soared soon after being introduced.

This helped Brown Jordan better accommodate designers — an audience that frequently visits and interacts with the website — with a single 3D asset.

“What you see is that the user experience has been vastly improved. It’s a testament to everybody’s hard work” said Brown Jordan’s Creative Director, Les Taylor.

“We enjoy the relationship we have with Cylindo. We’ve already seen the benefits of providing a good user experience on our website, and we’re really pleased. We can’t wait to see the continuous effect of having 2D and 3D renderings, as well as every other functionality we’ve added”, said Julie Daniel, Vice President of Marketing at Brown Jordan.

Considering Brown Jordan’s reputation for excellence and the customer-centric approach, the Brown Jordan team is looking forward to further utilizing Cylindo in creating an unparalleled brand experience online.

About Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan is a high-end outdoor living brand that has been redefining what luxury outdoor furniture should look and feel like ever since 1945. The award-winning designs, paired with superior craftsmanship, produce beautiful furniture pieces made to last. Providing an outstanding level of care for their customers, Brown Jordan has maintained a reputation for excellence over the years and continues investing in partnerships that improve the relationship between the brand and its customers.

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