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Provide immersive viewing experiences with Cylindo Curator.

Unlock next-level e-commerce with intuitive viewer experiences.

Cylindo Curator is a transformative commerce tool that empowers users to effortlessly curate an intuitive viewer experience. With it, you and your teams can seamlessly create and manage a consistent, dynamic 3D customer experience at scale and across your product detail pages directly from the Cylindo platform.

Arie welt chair

Arie welt chair

Hyper realistic

High-poly digital twins for HD imagery

Dynamic visuals

Show all variations in every image

Immersive modules

From 360 Spin, AR, and 3D models

Mobile responsive

Supports all devices and screens

Trusted by many amazing furniture retailers and brands.


Why choose Cylindo Curator?

Explore effortless 3D commerce creation.

Easily curate powerful commerce experiences with an intuitive interface and a no-code builder. Streamline workflows, save time, and leverage your dynamic 3D assets seamlessly.

Ensure streamlined and consistent experiences.

Utilize lightweight image formats and Chaos Cylindo's extensive libraries seamlessly, ensuring fast, high-quality, and dynamic PDP experiences. Update directly from the Chaos Cylindo platform, reducing bottlenecks and maintaining consistency across visuals.

Create engaging and dynamic interactions.

Dynamically update lifestyle imagery and interactive modules based on customer choices, creating engaging 3D experiences that captivate and convert users.

Curator features

Effortless creation, immersive engagement.

Immersive visuals

Present products in stunning, photorealistic imagery using high-poly digital twins, ensuring a captivating customer experience.

Dynamic content updates

Automatically adjust content to match selected product configurations, providing real-time customization for customers.

Effortless scalability

Quickly curate bulk viewer experiences, reducing time-to-market and enhancing your brand's efficiency.

Lightning-fast loading

Optimize customer experiences with faster load times, thanks to lighter image formats, ensuring seamless interactions.

Detailed exploration

Enable customers to explore products from every angle and detail, with 4K resolution and 360° HD spins for a comprehensive view.

Interactive AR & 3D

Enhance engagement with AR modules for try-before-you-buy experiences and 3D models offering top and bottom views, adding depth to customer interactions.

Cylindo Curator with Cylindo Studio & AR

Powerful alone, better together.

Use Cylindo Curator to seamlessly insert stunning lifestyle imagery and augmented reality into your viewer experiences while saving time, money, and resources.

Cylindo Studio

Display customizable products in-context to engage shoppers.
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Cylindo AR

Offer immersive try-before-you-buy experiences to build consumer confidence.
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