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Тhe future of effortless visual content creation.

Cylindo Studio is an intuitive, self-service tool that lets you create stunning, photorealistic lifestyle images for all product configurations, eliminating the constraints of traditional photography. Integrated seamlessly with the Chaos Cylindo platform, Studio ensures consistent, high-quality visuals across all channels.

Experience Cylindo Studio.

Use the persuasive power of interactive photorealistic lifestyle imagery to increase purchase intent by up to 64%.


Why digital photography?

Showcase in high-quality.

Boost buyer confidence with lifelike product visuals in real-life settings, enhancing product quality perception without the need for expensive manufacturing.

Improve efficiency.

Significantly cut costs and time by generating a wide array of customizable, photorealistic in-context images, avoiding the complexities and expenses of traditional photoshoots and 3D agencies.

Scale seamlessly.

Ensure reliability by eliminating the risk of unsatisfactory images, maintain image consistency across channels, and enjoy ease-of-use and scalability with customizable templates, empowering consistent, large-scale visual content creation.


Lifestyle imagery the way you need it, when you need it.

Self-service visualization

Utilize an intuitive UI to effortlessly place products in various real-life settings and create high-quality lifestyle images without external assistance.

Customizable product showcase

Highlight products in diverse configurations, showcasing their customization options seamlessly across online, print, and in-store platforms.

Ultimate control and flexibility

Manage your visuals with ease, ensuring complete control. Quickly update images as needed, iterating without constraints.

Versatile room templates

Access a vast library of ready-made room templates or craft your unique designs, offering unparalleled flexibility for your creative vision.

Tailored lifestyle settings

Personalize every detail, from architecture to props, using Chaos Cylindo’s extensive libraries, ensuring your visuals align perfectly with your brand aesthetics.

At Neptune, we try and support our customers with as much information as possible as they seek to explore our collection. I personally see Cylindo Studio as another tool that would help us bring our products closer to the customer. Being able to showcase products in a real-life environment and enrich the omnichannel customer experience, without the need to stage photoshoots for every single product, would not only help our teams save resources but I’m sure it would be extremely beneficial for our customers as well.

Chris Griffiths, Head of Digital, Neptune

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