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Unleash the Power of Digital Storytelling

Photorealistic Lifestyle Shots Created by You

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Lifestyle Imagery How You Need, When You Need


Customizable lifestyle settings

Select architecture, wall and floor colors, props, and more from Cylindo’s library


Cost-efficient visualization

Tell a better story while saving time, money, and resources – 6-8x more cost savings over traditional photography


Engaging shopping experiences

Show a product in all its configurations within a single room or many – online, print, or in-store

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Use the persuasive power of interactive photorealistic lifestyle imagery to increase purchase intent by up to 64%

Cylindo Studio Benefits

Why Digital Photography?

Quality and realism

Quality and realism

Showcase products in high-quality “real-life” settings without needing to manufacture them.

Cost, Efficiency, Logistics

Cost, Efficiency, Logistics

Cover more products and configurations with visuals at a fraction of the cost as a photoshoot or with a 3D agency.



Reduce the risk of limited or failed images that can occur with traditional photography.

Product Customization

Product Customization

Produce product imagery that can be customized to show any configuration available.

Image and Asset Flexibility

Image and Asset Flexibility

Take control of your assets with the ability to quickly and easily update your visuals.



Achieve visual consistency across product imagery and channels for a more cohesive shopping experience.

At Neptune, we try and support our customers with as much information as possible as they seek to explore our collection. I personally see Cylindo Studio as another tool that would help us bring our products closer to the customer. Being able to showcase products in a real-life environment and enrich the omnichannel customer experience, without the need to stage photoshoots for every single product, would not only help our teams save resources but I’m sure it would be extremely beneficial for our customers as well.

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