How Cylindo works

Manage model, material, and content creation with an integrated 3D asset management solution.

The all-in-one 3D product visualization platform.

From cutting-edge 3D asset creation to self-service content management and distribution tools, Cylindo has everything you need to make 3D commerce easy.

Three easy steps to elevate your 3D product visualization.

Step 1

Asset creation & management

Cylindo's unrivaled Asset Creation process delivers seamless production of stunning, photorealistic 3D assets. Share your product data, and Cylindo partners will create high-quality 360° spin and 4k zoom visuals. Manage projects effortlessly in the Cylindo platform, your central hub for precise asset orchestration and product data management.

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Step 2

Content creation & commerce tools

Elevate your digital product experiences by creating high-quality visuals, including lifestyle imagery and dimension shots, at scale. Utilize pre-designed templates or customize your own, enabling endless iterations and cost-effective content refreshment. Enhance customer engagement with web-native Augmented Reality, and analyze content and product performance using analytics for data-driven decision-making.

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Step 3

Content management & distribution

Enhance your digital product experiences with superior visuals at every step of the buyer journey. From product feeds to social media, in-store displays, and catalogs, take full creative control of your visual content using Cylindo’s built-in content distribution and gallery curation tools. From there, easily track the success of your content and products with analytic tools to make data-driven decisions.

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Platform & add-ons overview

Base license

Everything you need to elevate your customer experience, create photorealistic visuals, and get valuable insights.

Cylindo Curator
Create dynamic product viewers and elevate your customer experience.

Cylindo Create
Craft photorealistic product visuals for all your omnichannel touchpoints.

Cylindo Analytics
Unlock insights into customer behavior, top performing products, & more.

Dimension Shots
Solidify customers’ buying decisions by adding dimensions to your product imagery.


Level up your visual commerce with lifestyle imagery and immersive AR experiences.

Cylindo Studio
Show your products in context with interactive lifestyle imagery.

Cylindo Augmented Reality
Bring your products to life with immersive AR experiences.

Platform capabilities

No matter which Cylindo package you choose, you can count on a robust set of capabilities.

Hosting & portable assets
Chaos Cylindo creates and then hosts your 3D files in high poly and low poly formats. Easily distribute across applications and partners.

Product library
Access, download, and manage your assets. See variations, review versions, and update product info, in one place.

Materials library
Access, filter, and download your digital material swatches directly from the Cylindo CMS.

Project management
Streamline data collection, gain insights into project status, utilize review tools, and facilitate approvals.

Support & learning

Partner with Cylindo specialists every step of the way to ensure you get the most of the Cylindo platform for your business.

Learning center
Technical documentation and best practices to make the most of the Cylindo platform, tools & integrations.

Customer Success Manager
Your partner for strategic initiatives, growth opportunities, escalated issues, resources, training & more.

Project Manager
Your resource for managing data collection, timelines, and comms with the Cylindo asset creation team.

Support & integration team
Your go-to experts to make sure your website integration goes smoothly and help with any of your questions.

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