New learning series: Mastering product visuals with Chaos Cylindo

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Bring your products to life with Cylindo Augmented Reality.

Interactive buying experiences with AR.

Cylindo Augmented Reality allows your customers to use their mobile device to place a 3D version of your customizable product directly in their environment. AR uses web-native capabilities to launch directly from your product page, print material, checkout cart, or in-store kiosk so your customers can see the specific configuration they select without downloading an app.

Arie chair

Arie chair

View in AR

Select a configuration above, click View in AR, and see and engage with an accurate size and scale of our 3D model right in your environment.

Drive ROI across the buyer journey.


pages visited


conversions compared to non-AR users


returns from AR-guided purchases

Augmented reality finds a valuable use case in the furniture industry. We have seen in customer surveys that AR is referenced as a common reason for purchase completion.

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Dan Gange, Director of E-commerce, EQ3


Why choose Chaos Cylindo’s AR?

Create seamless AR experience.

Engage buyers effortlessly with a web-native solution—no apps required. Reduce drop-off and boost interaction with your products in AR.

Offer AR across channels.

Offer your buyers an omnichannel experience by providing AR accessibility beyond mobile devices. With QR codes, customers can effortlessly engage with AR, regardless of the channel they use to make their purchases.

Boost conversions with in-AR CTAs.

Keep your buyers' journey flowing smoothly with in-AR banners, directing them effortlessly towards the next step in their purchase process so you can maximize engagement and drive conversions with ease.

Top furniture companies are already thriving with web-native AR.

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