cylindo augmented reality

Bring your Products to Life аnd Increase Buyer Confidence

AR Drives Immediate ROI Across the Buying Journey From Awareness All the Way to Post-Purchase


Average increases
in pages visited


Increase in conversions
compared to non-AR users


Decrease in returns from
AR-guided purchases

What is AR?

Augmented Reality allows your customers to use their mobile device to place a 3D model of any customized version of your product directly in their environment. Buyers can fully engage with your product through AR by moving it around their room and spinning it to analyze how it will fit into their life.

Dan Gange
Augmented reality finds a valuable use case in the furniture industry. We have seen in customer surveys that AR is referenced as a common reason for purchase completion.

Visualized products right in your space

The Cylindo Difference


App-less AR to reduce drop off

Make it easy for your buyers to engage with your products in AR with a web-native solution. No apps necessary.


Unified, omnichannel experience

AR is only available through mobile devices, but your buyers aren't just shopping on their phones. Give them an easy way to use AR no matter what channel they're using to buy with a QR code.


Increase conversions with a call to action

Your buyers' journey won't come to a dead end once they open Cylindo AR. With an in-AR banner, easily guide your buyers to the next step towards their purchase.

What would AR look like on your product pages?

Give it a Try!

Asher Chair Demo

Asher Chair Demo



Select a configuration above, click View in your space, and see and engage with an accurate size and scale of our 3D model right in your environment.

Top furniture companies are already thriving with web-native AR

Customers that engage with AR are 8 times more likely to convert than customers that choose not to engage with AR.

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