Unlock insights & increase conversions with Cylindo Analytics.

Gain in-depth customer insights with Cylindo Analytics.

Leverage the power of integration with Google Analytics 4 to identify customer preferences. Track your most popular products, analyze configurations, and discover bestsellers. Cylindo Analytics provides the crucial data you need to understand and cater to your customers' preferences.

Measure the success of your customer experiences in Google Analytics.

Analyze impact on revenue & conversions

Observe the direct influence of your 3D viewer experiences and web-native AR modules on your conversion rates and revenue. Understand the correlation through detailed insights and optimize your strategies.

Track customer engagement

Explore customer interactions with your product content using Google Analytics integration. Gain valuable data on visitor behavior and discover the most popular configuration options directly from the Chaos Cylindo platform.


Turn data into knowledge and visitors into customers.

Fuel your marketing strategy.

Use in-depth insights to refine marketing campaigns and optimize visual merchandising, ensuring your products not only capture attention but also drive substantial revenue growth.

Enhance the customer journey.

Gain a customer's perspective and measure the impact of 3D experiences to elevate their journey with your products. Use these insights to tailor offerings, creating seamless, engaging interactions that boost satisfaction and foster lasting customer relationships.

Predict purchase intent.

Stay ahead by discovering popular products and configurations. Our predictive analytics enable a proactive digital merchandising strategy, aligning your offerings precisely with customer preferences, maximizing sales potential, and maintaining a competitive edge.

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