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Riverside Furniture, a major brand name in the furniture industry, offers a full range of home furnishings to its customers. The team at Riverside Furniture was looking for a scalable solution to product visualization. Since partnering with Cylindo, Riverside Furniture has witnessed $100k in annual savings with Cylindo Studio, faster turnaround time for lifestyle imagery, and unmatched quality for visual assets.

The challenge

A major brand name in the furniture industry, Riverside Furniture offers a full range of home furnishings to its customers. With dozens of collections and well over a thousand different furniture products, the Riverside Furniture story is one of success.

The brand experienced rapid expansion in the last decade, with its products being available via a network of more than 3,500 retailers, which led the team at Riverside Furniture to look for a scalable solution to product visualization.

Traditional photoshoots were simply not sustainable anymore, as they required plenty of resources. The team wanted to find a solution that enabled them to grow without compromising on quality and efficiency.

They chose Cylindo as it allowed them to approach product visualization as a strategic effort rather than a one-off solution.

We knew we could grow with Cylindo. The quality of the imagery was very accurate. Additionally, the customer support was very strong. The ticket system where all information for rejection and changes is tracked within the portal was a huge benefit. Many smaller firms use emails for approvals and it is not very efficient.

Elicia Oliver, VP – E-commerce Sales and Operations, Riverside Furniture

The solution

Riverside Furniture partnered with Cylindo to visualize products in a scalable manner.
Here’s how Riverside Furniture is using Cylindo to reduce product visualization costs without compromising on quality.

1. Creating lifestyle imagery with Cylindo Studio

With Cylindo Studio, Riverside Furniture teams can quickly generate realistic lifestyle imagery without doing photoshoots. In Cylindo Studio, they can choose from the many available scenes, place whatever product configuration they want, add props, and then play around with the camera angles until the desired result is achieved.

Now, Riverside Furniture is populating catalogs with Studio-generated imagery only.

We have completely stopped printing catalogs which was costing us over $100K per year. Additionally, we do not have the freight or cost associated with sending samples to photography studios,

Elicia Oliver, VP – E-commerce Sales and Operations, Riverside Furniture

On top of that, paper catalogs required the printing of thousands of pages and had to be shipped to multiple regions. Moving to digital media has helped Riverside operate more sustainably and do its part to help the environment.

2. Boosting marketing efforts with Cylindo Studio

Cylindo Studio is also helping Riverside Furniture boost its marketing efforts. Within hours, their marketing team can produce realistic lifestyle imagery and distribute it across multiple touchpoints.

“We are using Cylindo Studio for all room scenes in our catalog, social media, print mailings, and customer requests for photography. Any new images on the website are Cylindo Studio photography,” adds Elicia Oliver.

3. Supplementing imagery for B2B partnerships

For Riverside Furniture, lifestyle imagery generated with Cylindo Studio also serves to supplement imagery for their business-to-business partnerships.

“One other item is we can do any combination of photos for any dealers which may request it. We are also able to give a different look and feel of individual pieces versus just shooting the whole collection together,” concludes Elicia Oliver.

In return, Riverside Furniture is able to reduce costs associated with manufacturing and photographing furniture while also gaining a competitive edge among other brands selling to retailers.

Ever since partnering with Cylindo, Riverside Furniture has witnessed the following results:

$100k in annual savings with Cylindo Studio

Faster turnaround time for lifestyle imagery

Easy-to-adopt solution for internal teams

Unmatched visual quality for visual assets

The results

Following a close collaboration with the Cylindo team, the team at Riverside Furniture managed to achieve results that are nothing short of impressive.

“From the beginning, we had a crawl, walk, run strategy. Thanks to the help and mutual respect for each of our businesses, we have been able to make huge strides in migrating to 3D. We have acceptance from principals internally as well as our outside reps and are continuing to move forward,” says Elicia Oliver, VP – E-commerce Sales and Operations at Riverside Furniture.

The change, while it hasn’t been easy, was certainly worth it. Thanks to Cylindo, Riverside Furniture has not only reduced costs associated with photography and printing, but also revolutionized the company’s approach to product visualization.

A move from traditional photography to digital is a change in concept and thinking. We wanted to start the process and learn through it. We did not need to hire any additional people for this change and thanks to Cylindo’s team, we were able to migrate existing staff to this new process.

Elicia Oliver, VP – E-commerce Sales and Operations, Riverside Furniture

On top of that, Cylindo gives some much-needed flexibility to the team, allowing them to quickly generate imagery that fits different requirements.

“What a room scene for a product in the Midwest requires is different to that of what a room scene in the Southwest requires for the same product, so the ability to pivot quickly with changes in customer needs has been such a benefit. Also, the product can be sent to a specific customer without reshooting,” explains Elicia Oliver.

Future plans include implementing the Cylindo Viewer on the Riverside Furniture website and exploring different use cases that can be implemented.

Cylindo is grateful for the partnership and looks forward to supporting Riverside Furniture as both sides work on expanding their collaboration.

About Riverside Furniture

Riverside Furniture Corporation is truly an American success story. From a modest beginning in 1946, making furniture in a single plant, Riverside has grown to become a major brand name in the furniture industry. Over 70 years later, we are warehousing product in multiple locations world-wide and selling through over 3,500 furniture dealers.

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