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Yardistry, a Canadian brand specializing in the outdoor, ready-to-assemble wood structure category, needed help visualizing products at their exact scale. The company was exploring ways to elevate the customer experience on their website and decided that it was the right time to invest in a product visualization tool. By implementing Cylindo’s Viewer and AR solution, they doubled e-commerce sales year over year and decreased photography costs.

The challenge

A Canadian brand specializing in the outdoor, ready-to-assemble wood structure category, Yardistry offers its customers a unique value proposition: buy high-quality outdoor structures and furniture from the comfort of your home.

Given that Yardistry’s portfolio features products such as outdoor gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas, they needed help to visualize products at their exact scale. Consumers would often ask additional questions about size and dimensions, and the team at Yardistry wanted to find a long-term solution.

“In the past, we created our own Java 3D tool that gave us the proof of concept – this is what our customers need. Usage statistics showed us a clear correlation between the 3D tool and purchases, and it became clear we needed to find a solution at scale,” shares Shawn Steinman, Web & IT at Yardistry.

While researching a potential solution, the team discovered Cylindo. *“I came across Cylindo online and was impressed with the photorealism and the quality of the models. We were confident Cylindo would be the perfect fit for us,” *continues Shawn Steinman, Yardistry’s Web & IT.

As we were exploring ways to elevate the customer experience on the website and do a redesign, we decided that now’s the right time to invest in a product visualization tool.

Hannah Doran, Marketing & E-Commerce, Yardistry

The solution

Yardistry partnered with Cylindo to visualize its unique product portfolio in a scalable and futureproofed manner while providing the end consumer with the best customer experience.
Here's how Yardistry uses Cylindo to make the most of their investment:

1. Showcase products with Cylindo Viewer

Yardistry is leveraging Cylindo to showcase its unique product portfolio to shoppers across Canada and USA. Shoppers can interact with the Cylindo Viewer to spin, zoom, and inspect the model before ordering.

"At Yardistry, we're trying to achieve something that not many outdoor brands are doing - we want to revolutionize the way people shop for outdoor products, especially products like gazebos and pavilions, which are often outside of the common range" says Shawn Steinman, Web & IT at Yardistry.

Meridian Gazebo

Meridian Gazebo

Privacy Wall
Bar Counter
Stain Color
2. Give a natural feel for size with Cylindo AR

Yardistry also makes use of Cylindo AR to help its buyers easily visualize the proper scale of the product. Scanning the QR code begins the AR journey, and website visitors can inspect the chosen product in their own environment.

"Given the type of products we sell, such as outdoor gazebos, it can often be difficult for our customers to envision the exact size," says Shawn Steinman, Web & IT at Yardistry. "Cylindo AR helps put objects in perspective, which our customers find especially helpful."

3. Produce high-quality product imagery

Historically, photography teams had to travel to the manufacturing site to be able to produce product imagery. Thanks to Cylindo, they can focus their photography efforts on more creative projects.

“Being able to highlight the accessories is something we’ve never been able to do in the past with traditional photography,” adds Shawn Steinman, Web & IT at Yardistry.

Yardistry is also supporting its retailer network with some Cylindo-generated imagery.

“We’ve been using Cylindo with Home Depot and other retailers. In fact, having a 360-spin, high-quality images, and videos improve our scorecard on these platforms,” concludes Shawn Steinman.

4. Leverage Cylindo in marketing touch points

The Yardistry team has recently included Cylindo in some of their marketing efforts.

The homepage has a clear call to action to begin exploring a product with Cylindo AR. The marketing team has noticed organic activity coming from social media too, and there are plans to include Cylindo imagery with Google Ads.



Avg. rating on

Ever since partnering with Cylindo, Yardistry has:

Doubled e-commerce
sales year over year

Enhanced online
shopping experience

Increased buyer

photography costs

The results

Cylindo's launch coincided with the launch of Yardistry's new website, and results have been immediately visible.

Yardistry’s new website is sleek, easy to navigate, and provides potential customers with all the information they may want to possibly know about before clicking on the add-to-cart button. The exceptional customer service only adds to the overall experience.

"We have had instances where a product is not yet live with Cylindo, and our customer support teams receive requests for that product to be visualized in 360 views. Managing to raise our customers’ expectations to that extent is a clear indicator we are moving in the right direction," adds Shawn Steinman.

We've doubled our e-commerce sales year over year since launching with Cylindo on our new website.

Shawn Steinman, Web & IT, Yardistry

Upcoming plans include further leveraging Cylindo at different touchpoints and finding additional ways to maximize the investment. Cylindo remains a committed partner to Yardistry, as both teams look forward to continuing and expanding the partnership.

About Yardistry

Yardistry is a Canadian DTC brand, market leader, and pioneer in the outdoor, ready-to-assemble wood structure category. Prioritizing superior customer service, quality, and innovation, Yardistry's goal is to provide stylish and functional outdoor products that are easy to assemble and affordable for their customers.

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