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Monte Design, a family-owned Canadian brand manufacturing luxury furniture for both adults and children, was on a quest to achieve brand consistency and improve the customer experience on its website. By partnering with Cylindo, Monte created a consistent look and feel on all its products across the website, increased the average time on page by 50%, increased buyer confidence, and decreased photography costs.

The challenge

Visual inconsistency that not even an in-house photo studio could tackle.

Monte Design is a family-owned Canadian brand that’s been manufacturing luxury furniture for both adults and children ever since 2006. Recognizable for their ultra-modern take on classic pieces like rocking chairs and baby cradles and more than dozens of customization options, Monte Design is setting new standards for what family-friendly design should look and feel like.

Operating with a compact in-house team, they know the vital importance of communicating brand values with their customers on every single touchpoint along the way.

However, always staying on brand and offering a spotless experience to every web visitor — and possible customer! — hasn’t always been easy.

Before partnering with Cylindo, one of the most common tripping points for Monte Design was visual consistency — or better said, inconsistency. In fact, not even an in-house photography studio could tackle the issue!

Traditional photography, even when paired with full-time personnel and image-editing software, could do little to provide the brand consistency and in-depth image specifics Monte Design was after. The images, even when snapped in the same controlled environment, would still turn out to be slightly different — enough to ruin the perfect aesthetic of the Monte Design website.

What’s even more, all Monte Design furniture pieces are made to order — meaning that being able to visualize a configured product is not only a nice feature on the PDP; it’s a necessity!

“The core of our website is the product. And the number one thing is that the product has to look spotless online. You can have great customer service, but if the image of the product you’re selling is not perfect and not a perfect representation of what you do … well, it’s a tougher challenge. So we were looking for a streamlined way to show all of our options in a consistent way online”, said Ralph Montemurro, Founder of Monte Design.

With a forward-looking mindset, finding the answer to “How do we take this to the next level?” hasn’t been that hard — and Cylindo’s here to help.

Having the image is one thing; but then to be able to spin it, zoom into it, and really get in there … that’s fantastic!

Ralph Montemurro, Founder, Monte

The solution

Top-notch 3D visuals to bring products to life.

1. Cylindo Product Viewer for new-and-improved visual consistency

One look at Monte Design’s seamless website, and you quickly realize the spotlight is on the buyer. Apart from the beautiful design, providing all the necessary information a buyer needs to make a decision with ease is a priority every step of the way.

Pairing their passion for design with Cylindo’s 360 HD Viewer has helped them showcase all of their furniture in a beautiful, consistent manner across the whole website — something that traditional photography wasn’t able to do.

Grano Glider Recliner

Grano Glider Recliner

2. The Cylindo 360 HD Viewer that doubles as a product configurator

The Cylindo 360 HD Viewer can also be used as a product configurator on every product page, giving Monte Design a competitive advantage. Previously, they were using a different product configurator that simply hadn’t been providing them the quality of visuals they were after.

Since the majority of Monte Design furniture is made to order, having a high-level product configurator on the product page has been “an absolute game-changer,” according to Ralph Montemurro.

Now, products are fully customizable across the whole website. Customers can play around with colors and patterns, and once they decide on the winning combination, the final product can be immediately showcased in high quality.

This removes doubt and helps shoppers make the right decision, a vital step in every customer journey.

“Before, people would call us, second-guessing their order and unsure of what the final product would look like. How does the blue with yellow look? And how does the yellow with blue look? Now, they can see exactly what they’re getting. This gives them the opportunity to see all their options and make sure they’ve made the right decision.”

3. Cylindo AR to boost confidence

Parents-to-be represent a large chunk of Monte Design’s prime market — and for new moms and dads, being able to see the furniture pieces they’re buying is priceless. After all, the nursery has to be perfect!

Thanks to Cylindo AR, Monte Design can now offer the assurance future parents seek.

All buyers need to do is click a button on Monte Design mobile website and voilà — suddenly, the chosen product comes to life in the middle of their house. Full size, full color — without even downloading an app!

“When a person — a couple — has a baby, it’s all about visualizing the perfect nursery. They’re bringing this new life into the world, and everything has to be perfect: the carpet, the walls, everything has to match! So when they choose a chair and then have the ability to just plop it into the room it’s like … wow! It’s amazing! Everyone likes to visualize the nursery. And when it’s done for you, it makes the decision even easier. ”



Avg. rating on

Since partnering with Cylindo, Monte Design has witnessed the following results:

Consistent look on all
products across website

Increase in average
time on page

Increased buyer

photography costs

The results

Impressive CX that sets the bar high for DTC brands.

In less than a year after implementing the Cylindo solution to the website, the Monte Design team has witnessed staggering results.

Not only are they able to showcase all the furniture pieces in a consistent manner that stays on brand, but they’re able to provide unparalleled detailing of every single product.

And it’s obvious that customers love the Cylindo 360 Viewer too.

Cylindo high-quality 3D assets have also made new product launches easier for the small but high-performing in-house team of six (the number of team members collaborating with Cylindo) at Monte Design headquarters.

“Previously, it was a lot of stress to think about whenever we had to introduce a new fabric or a new wood material. How are we going to bring that across all of our products? How are we going to show it? Now it’s like, okay, we’ve got a new color — fantastic! Let’s submit that to Cylindo! Within a few weeks, it’s everywhere, which is a real dream to have” added Ralph Montemurro.

Not once has there been a situation where a product didn’t look like what they ordered. Not once has the color been off or it didn’t look like in the picture. What they saw is exactly what they got. Even looking at our reviews online, we see customers repeatedly saying they got exactly what they expected, which is very, very good.

Ralph Montemurro, Founder, Monte

Growing at scale while staying fiercely on brand without additionally burdening the in-house team or sacrificing the quality of the CX is the pinnacle of the Monte Design and Cylindo partnership.

The Monte Design team and Cylindo look forward to working and growing together with new technology that brings luxury DTC brands closer to their desired outcome.

About Monte Design

Monte Design is a Canadian luxury brand that prides itself on creating beautiful handcrafted furniture pieces. For more than 16 years, they’ve been dedicated to manufacturing “furniture you’ll be proud to own” that also meets the needs of the modern family. A champion when it comes to pairing sleek, functional design with exceptional customer experience, Monte Design keeps finding new ways to bring the world of Monte Design closer to its customers.

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