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Interior Define Sets New Standards for Online and In-store Furniture Visualization

How one of the top US e-tailers created a unique online shopping experience and an endless aisle using the Cylindo Platform

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The Challenge

Product customization was essential but difficult to offer

Shortly after the launch of their website in 2014, it became clear to Rob Royer and the rest of the Interior Define team, how enthusiastic customers were about the opportunity to get involved with furniture design. Customization proved to be a value proposition that really resonated with customers, but actually being able to visualize the customization options was easier said than done.

Photographing all the different fabric types in the different color options would entail building the frames and upholstering every single one of them, which would have required a very significant investment. In addition, the furniture is manufactured in a different country, so the logistics involved with setting up photoshoots would have been very complicated.

Realizing photography was not a viable option, they attempted to provide a solution by doing 4-6 photoshopped versions of each sofa design. However, more often than not, customers would go online and be interested in a fabric option that they were not able to visualize.

The results were too limited and having a website that displayed “no preview available” messages was not the engaging experience they wanted to give customers.

What Interior Define experienced with the use of Cylindo Platform:
Effortless product
Enhanced user
Product views from
every angle
More sales online
and in-store

The Solution

360 HD Viewer gives customers a unique shopping experience

When Interior Define learned about the 360 HD Viewer they were really excited because it helped address two pain points:

1Customers wanted to be able to interact with the products by zooming in at all angles when using the 360-degree spin, something that static images simply couldn’t offer

2Customers would be able to apply all the fabric options to specific sofa designs so they could actually see what it looked like.

In particular the increased interactivity was appealing to Rob. He felt it was important that customers could not only see all of the options, but also drill down into the textures.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a complete 3D visualization partner like Cylindo is having all 3D visualization needs covered by a single platform. Together we’re setting new industry standards.

“We send free fabric swatches to potential customers, but this capability is more transparent when they can see an extremely close up view of the fabric. When they then order fabric samples, it confirms that they look like the renderings, and that helps give people the confidence to place an order.”

It didn’t take them long to decide on moving forward with the 360 HD Viewer. To test the waters they initially launched with a few of their most popular designs, this approach gave Interior Define the advantage of breaking a very large project into smaller, more manageable sections.

There are many fabric types and colors in the complete portfolio, which meant that quite a bit of information had to be exchanged, as Rob explains “We are a small team, and online merchandising falls squarely into my camp. There was a lot of back and forth to ensure everything looked exactly how we wanted it, but the engagement was good, an overall positive experience that was fully worth it.”
Once the 360 HD Viewers had proven themselves, more Viewers were added and today nearly all of the products on the Interior Define website are visualized using 360 HD Viewers.

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The Results

More sales – both online and in-store

Having products such as Cylindo renderings provides the Interior Define website with streamlined and consistent merchandising, making the offering very clear to customers.

Interior Define has made a lot of changes over the past year, which makes the effect of each change difficult to pinpoint, but in Rob’s opinion the business is definitely benefiting from increased conversions since adding the 360 HD Viewers to the website.

In addition to a better performing website, Interior Define has also put the 360 HD Viewers to good use in their Chicago based physical store. The company is really redefining the multichannel experience by having all of their sales assistants equipped with laptops, which makes it easy to quickly show customers what the furniture looks like.

“We are definitely utilizing the Viewers in the showroom to visualize what products look like. We have all of our custom fabric options throughout the store, but one of the steps is to always show the customer the sofa in their specific fabric option using the Viewers,” Rob explains.

“I certainly feel that getting the Viewers has been worthwhile, particularly because our business is so visual, given the number of fabrics, having the Viewers has been a big win for us, it is a valuable tool that helps us accomplish our goals.”

Both Cylindo and Interior Define are excited about working together in the future and exploring new ways that the technology can benefit the furniture industry.

About Interior Define

Interior Define is a frontrunner in supplying quality furniture at favorable prices. Since 2014 they have been delighting customers with customizable sofas available through their stunning website, and recently also through a physical store in Chicago.

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