Cylindo Intelligence - Analytics for 360 HD Viewer
Cylindo Intelligence
Analytics for 360 HD Viewer
Get superior product visualization and meaningful insights to empower your digital transformation and make data-driven decisions. Understand how customers interact with your products and increase your conversion rates.
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*Works with the 360 HD Viewer only
The real value behind the numbers
Turn data into knowledge, and visitors into customers
Key features for deep customer understanding
How visitors engage with your products
Get a holistic view of your customers’ behavior. Track the number of views per configuration, analyze the average number of configurations per product and see how visitors engage with your products by the number of views with spin and zoom.
What sparks your customers’ interest
Discover what products and configurations your customers love the most. Dig deep into the analytics and find out the most viewed products, the products with the highest number of configurations and bestsellers - the blood flow of your business.
What it means for your business
It all boils down to revenue and growth. Track conversions and revenue per product configuration. Process, analyze and extract meaning from the analytics to make smart marketing moves. Now you can visualize your overall shopping experience with a simple and fast conversion tracking integration of Cylindo Intelligence.

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Need some help getting started? Check these FAQs

How do I integrate Cylindo Intelligence?

Cylindo Intelligence is an analytical solution that offers vast amounts of analytical data extracted from the interaction of your customers with the 360 HD Viewer. The first step to integrate Cylindo Intelligence is to implement the Viewer on your website.

What’s Cylindo 360 HD Viewer?

Cylindo 360 HD Viewer is a proven product visualization platform for commerce, that provides photo-realistic visuals and tools to engage and convert audiences across channels. Using the 360 HD Viewer companies can show any product from any angle in any variation, ultimately increasing conversion rates by +27% on average. Learn more at

How does Cylindo collect the Intelligence data?

Cylindo collects raw data by tracking all the actions that a user makes engaging with the 360 HD Viewer during the user’s session on a product page. Then this data is processed into a meaningful form and becomes a valuable metric for the 360 HD Viewer.

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