Room Planner

Design & Contextualize

Create complete design settings with the award-winning 3D Room Planner

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Room Planner

Design & Contextualize

The Room Planner gives customers a unique opportunity to see what products will look like in their own home before they buy.

The user-friendly interface allows anyone to draw floor plans, design a dream interior project and view it in incredible real-time 3D.

Bridge the online-offline gap by using the Room Planner in-store to guide customers in their purchase decisions.

floor plan

Draw floor plans

Create entire floor plans or single rooms in a matter of minutes

design software

Decorate and furnish

Let customers create designs and choose from your entire portfolio

room planner feature


Allow sales and design reps simultaneous access

furniture visualization software

Group settings

Show your best-selling settings

sales tool

In-app purchase

Integrate with e-commerce for easy one-click purchases of entire settings

room planner for Ipad

Room Planner for iPad

Increase access and mobility with Room Planner for iPad

room planner features

White label software

All our software can be customized to your look and feel

social community

Branded community

Build a community for your diehard fans


Turn Your Product Images Into Incredible 3D Experiences

Great software alone won't do the trick
- you also need great content

Cylindo provides the software platform and the content creation, making it a one-stop-shop
for all your visualization needs. All we require from you is simple product images and
dimensions and we create the most detailed and stunning 3D experience on the market.

Because we develop everything we do in-house, we are able to offer highly competitive
prices and fast delivery. We believe in value for money, that is why you only pay for the
content you use. Simple and fair.

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3D content creation
Cylindo have the most amazing 3D graphics i have seen on the market. We started the cooperation in 2009 and are still very happe for the ongoing cooperation which have given us lots of new opportunities!

Why you'll love it

A proven technology for powerful 3D experience

Order booster

Why only sell the chair when you can sell the entire setting? Time spent designing a setting equals quality time spent with your products, which significantly increases conversion rates

Reduce returns

The Room Planner is the furniture industry equivalent to the clothing store fitting room, it ensures customers are fully informed before making a purchase decision

In-store sales tool

Enhance customer relationships by equipping sales staff with Room Planner for Ipad, giving your staff a unique opportunity to help guide customers and gain valuable insights


Experiencing multiple products together makes them easier to understand which leads to higher conversion

The secret sauce

We have taken the very best 3D technology from the gaming industry and made it run smoothly on any mainstream computer

Simple integration

Room Planner is easy to embed and works with any website platform

Easy shopping

We are shoppers too, we don’t like complicated check-out procedures - that’s why we've made e-commerce integration possible from within any of our apps

Hosted service

We take care of everything. We create your 3D content, we provide the software and we host it all for you. Kick back and relax, you are in good hands

Questions? Contact us

Give us a call or drop us a line, we are standing by to help you any way we can.