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Elevate your omnichannel marketing game with photo-realistic visuals for any screen and media

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Use Cases

See it to believe it


Automate product image delivery across digital environments

Create a consistent shopping experience by leveraging your visual assets for different interfaces and platforms - product feeds, cart thumbs, AR apps.


Killer marketing campaigns: the ace up your sleve

Save time and resources by getting superior quality visuals for winning marketing campaigns.




Killer marketing campaigns: the ace up your sleeve

Save time and resources by getting superior quality visuals for winning marketing campaigns.


Keep them coming back.
Save now, buy later

Give your customers the possibility to download an image or save to pdf a full specification of your product. They will get back soon!


Few Clicks to Superior Pics

Thumbnail images - Cylindo’s Content API enables you to directly embed high-quality visuals for your product feeds and cart thumbs. With just a few development hours, you will be able to create a consistent end-to-end shopping experience.

Marketing collateral (digital & traditional) - Get bespoke product visuals for your next campaign in a few clicks. Pick a configuration, angle, color, format and you are ready to download photorealistic product visuals.

1. Define the parameters of the visual that you need (size, frame, etc.)

2. Use javascript to retrieve the visual

3. If the size that you are requesting is larger than your default viewer size use Access key


Phase 1
Image URL retrieval

Sending a request with the desired features to the "GetImageURL" endpoint

Phase 2
Image retrieval

Retrieving the requested image using the obtained URL from the first phase


How it Works

What’s Cylindo 360 HD Viewer?

Cylindo 360 HD Viewer is a proven product visualization platform for commerce, that provides photorealistic visuals and tools to engage and convert audiences across channels. Using the 360 HD Viewer companies can show any product from any angle in any variation, ultimately increasing conversion rates by +27% on average. Learn more at https://www.cylindo.com/platform-overview/

How can I get access?

Cylindo’s Content API is a smart content tool for photorealistic visuals suitable for different screens and media. The first step to access and use the Content API is to have SKU’s (products) visualized with the 360 HD Viewer. For more details about Cylindo’s Content API contact your respective Customer Success Manager.

How can I use the Content API?

Cylindo’s Content API will make you rethink your approach to content creation, and it will make your next marketing campaign a breeze. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of our clients’ favorite use cases:

  • Product feeds

  • Cart thumbs

  • Catalogs

  • Marketing collateral

  • Email newsletters

  • Social media visuals

  • AR assets

  • Gifs

  • High-quality PR visuals

  • Support Download image / Save to pdf feature

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