New learning series: Mastering product visuals with Chaos Cylindo

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Chaos Cylindo for retailers.

Increase customer engagement and fuel e-commerce success with immersive 3D product visualization.

Today's best furniture retailers use Cylindo.

The easiest path to product customization and increased sales.




average order value


page views


less time spent managing content

Up to 8x

reduction in visualization costs


savings for lifestyle imagery

Revolutionize your product visualization with 3D technology.

Faster turnaround, Increased savings, and engaging visuals for your business success.

Enhance your online furniture display

Transform the way your customers interact with your products through engaging experiences featuring configurable product assets, interactive 3D modules, and photorealistic lifestyle imagery for a guaranteed surge in revenue.

Simplify your product visualization

Discover Cylindo’s cutting-edge 3D product visualization platform, designed specifically for furniture retailers. Streamline the creation, management, and distribution of engaging content with ease while reducing traditional content production costs.

Boost your revenue with stunning visuals

Elevate your brand and product appeal using high-quality imagery. Whether on your website, ads, or e-commerce platforms, captivating visuals for every product and variation guarantee a significant sales increase.

A superior viewer experience.

See for yourself, e-commerce at its finest.

Mammoth chair

Mammoth chair

Hyper realistic

High-poly digital twins for HD imagery

Dynamic visuals

Show all variations in every image

Immersive modules

From 360 Spin, AR, and 3D models

Mobile responsive

Supports all devices and screens

With the help of Cylindo, we've created a completely different sofa buying experience online. Today, this is the best performing category on our website.

David Kohn, Customer and E-commerce Director, HEAL'S

Key features

Cylindo Studio

Unleash the power of digital storytelling.

Create dynamic lifestyle imagery with the power of Cylindo Studio.

Take advantage of in-context imagery as a proven tactic for conversion boosts. Create consistent lifestyle imagery for all your products and represent them in the best way possible with dynamically updating visuals.

Cylindo Create

Streamline your visual marketing.

Manage your visuals with the click of a button.

Discover the power of Cylindo Create to unlock the potential of your master product assets for streamlined visual marketing. Manage your visuals, achieve consistency using presets, saving time on tedious retouching. Elevate your marketing efforts and easily distribute captivating visuals.

Cylindo Augmented Reality

Deliver a seamless AR experience.

Empower shoppers to experience your products in the real world.

Increase conversion rates by offering an interactive try-before-you-buy experience that allows your customers to see your products in their home and solidify their decision-making process.

Cylindo Content API

Create and deliver captivating customer experiences.

Provide a delightful end-to-end customer journey.

Leverage your visual library to create a unified, omnichannel experience and boost purchase confidence with your customers.

Cylindo Analytics

Pave the way to increased conversions.

Accelerate growth with meaningful insights.

Discover UX improvement areas and perfect your online merchandising choice. Infuse data into the decision-making process to make smart decisions and ultimately increase sales. Analyze customer behavior and find out the most popular configurations on your webpage to support your business decisions with the right data.

Trusted by many amazing furniture retailers and brands.

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