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On-demand webinar

From concept to Cozey: Accelerating value with Cylindo’s 3D Visualization Tech

Watch this on demand webinar featuring Cozey, a seasoned Cylindo client, as they reveal their journey of turbocharging product launches and slashing go-to-market time with Chaos Cylindo.

Félix Robitaille, Director of Marketing at Cozey, and Evan Clabots, Vice President of Product Development and Innovation, will share insights on leveraging Cylindo for configurable products and showcasing all options, alongside integrating 3D to enhance their marketing strategy to stay ahead of market trends.

cozey webinar

Watch to learn how Cozey executed their product visualization strategy, embraced 3D trends, and why they chose Cylindo as their preferred partner for product visualization.
In this session you'll learn:

  • How Cozey accelerates product launches with Chaos Cylindo's 3D visuals.
  • Cozey's use of Cylindo for 3D visualization in marketing and how they partnered with us to achieve accelerated growth
  • How Cozey enhances customer experiences by showcasing options and customizations using Cylindo's capabilities.

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