On-demand webinar

Crafting uncomplicated, dynamic viewing experiences with Cylindo Curator

Unlock the power of effortless 3D commerce curation with Cylindo Curator. Lightweight and with a top-in-class UX, Cylindo Curator puts the power of content creation into the hands of marketers, removing IT and agency dependencies, for a consistent and dynamic 3D customer experience.

See for yourself how Cylindo Curator can reduce the effort and cost typically associated with a viewer implementation while still delivering high-poly photorealistic 3D assets, with faster loading speeds and dynamic content – including lifestyle imagery – to reflect the selected product configuration.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Discover what flexibility in 3D commerce curation really means and benefits of having one solution that supports all content.
  • Get a deeper look into the commerce configuration landscape and how Cylindo Curator compares.
  • Review use case examples for how Cylindo Curator tackles a common and unsolved (until now) problem for marketers.
  • Learn how to easily create engaging product viewers in minutes with an exclusive first look at Cylindo Curator

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