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Augmented Reality - The new chapter of furniture e-commerce

The furniture industry is about to get disrupted. Are you ready?

In the wake of a digital transformation catalyzed by the pandemic, the furniture buyer journey has changed. Augmented reality (AR) is slowly becoming an integral part of online furniture shopping.

In this e-book, you'll find answers to these questions:
  • How has COVID-19 affected furniture e-commerce?
  • How will AR change the way people shop for furniture?
  • Web-native vs. AR apps — which one is better and why?
  • How do leading furniture companies like EQ3, Plush, and Sofacompany use web-native AR to increase engagement and boost sales?

ar ebook 2021

With augmented reality finally hitting the mainstream, now is the time for furniture businesses to put this technology front and center or risk being left behind

Augmented reality finds a valuable use case in the furniture industry. We have seen in customer surveys that AR is referenced as a common reason for purchase completion.

Dan Gange, Director of E-commerce, EQ3

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