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Faster product launches with Chaos Cylindo

In this case study, you’ll discover:
  • Challenges Cozey was facing to improve its customer experience
  • Four ways Cylindo helped Cozey upgrade customer experience and boost business
  • Insights from Cozey’s Director of Marketing on their Cylindo partnership

cozey case study

Curious to read a real-life example of how a furniture business partnered with Cylindo to improve their customer experience and speed up new product launches?

This case study will give you an understanding of how using Cylindo can lead to improvements across your business, from assisting with marketing to an increase in conversions.

Félix Robitaille

Since integrating Chaos Cylindo, we’ve observed a notable increase in the time spent by visitors on our product pages. The detailed renders and 360-degree viewers have enriched the customer experience, leading to a deeper engagement with our products. This is contributing not only to an increase in customer engagement but also to a rise in conversion rates

Félix Robitaille, Director of Marketing, Cozey

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