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Top 50 retailer Jerome’s Furniture increased online conversion by 25%
How the famous California based brand supported its omnichannel strategy with the seamless Cylindo Platform
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The Challenge

Enhance the shopping experience

Scott Perry, VP of Digital at Jerome’s, leads by a simple mantra: “Remove friction and enhance the overall experience”. As the purchase journey starts online for more than 85% of consumers buying furniture it was important for Scott’s team to enhance the shopping experience on

The custom upholstery program is a key part of the business for the California based retailer. Despite the popularity the custom upholstery program wasn’t reaching the full potential as Jerome’s was lacking the ability to visualize and show all the custom options, including fabric and colors options.

Consumers shop with their eyes – and Jerome’s was experiencing how the lack of a proper visualization service impacted their business both online and in stores. Online it was hard to stimulate consumers to transact and buy online without the ability to actually see the product.

The lack of a proper visualization service also resulted in frequent product returns as customers would base their purchase decision on small fabric samples, but without the ability to see how it would actually appear on the sofa. Then at delivery too often the fabric would appear different, which then led to customers deciding to return the product. Bad for the business and a poor shopping experience for the customer.

What happened after Jeromes implemented 360 HD Viewer

The Solution

Mobile responsive configuration with unparalleled visual quality

For Jerome’s it wasn’t an option to tackle this challenge internally. The sheer volume of products and variations would have made it a costly and very time consuming project. As the California based retailer scanned the market for visualization technologies and compared Cylindo to more traditional draping technologies, such as MicroD, there were three unique features that stood out.

1Photo real visual quality. For consumers to be comfortable transacting online they need to see what the product really looks like. Anything but photo real imagery wouldn’t cut it. This was also important to address the challenge of product returns. “The visual quality of the Cylindo images is the best I’ve ever seen” says Scott Perry – who’s been working with online retailing for more than 20 years. “People think they were all actual photos”, Scott adds.

2Mobile responsiveness. With mobile commerce now being the key driver for online discovery and purchases it was essential for Jerome’s to get a solution that catered for the different platforms used by consumers today. The mobile responsive 360 HD Viewer made it possible to create a seamless user experience on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

3360 Spin. Finally the 360 degree spin was a compelling feature for consumers to intuitively see the product from multiple angles and really engage with the product.

The 360 HD Viewer is a lightweight component that’s not only easy to integrate – but also to customize. Jerome’s web team styled the looks and layout of the 360 HD Viewer to make it a seamless element on the product page. Adding custom options like email and print makes the configurations easy to share – and to bring in store which supports Jerome’s omnichannel strategy.

“The 360 HD Viewer is very engaging, the visual quality is the best I’ve seen and it has a direct tangible impact on our business.”

– Scott Perry, Vice President of Digital

The Results

360 HD Viewer increased online conversions by 25%

Jerome’s digital team is very data driven and quickly noticed where the 360 HD Viewer had a significant impact on their business – both online and in store.

274% increased user engagement. One of the first things they noticed was the increased user engagement. Customers that interact with the 360 HD Viewer stay on the site 274% longer than the average visitor and in average creates 9 custom sofa configurations.

75% increased purchase intent. The ability to visualize what you’re going to buy also has a direct impact on purchase intent – when customers are using the 360 HD Viewer it is 75% more likely they will fill out a finance application form.

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25% better online conversion rate. Arguably the most important metric for Jerome’s online performance is conversion rates - how many visitors are checking out and transacting online. Today 360 HD Viewer enabled product pages have a 25% higher conversion rate than the average.

Online to offline conversion. Besides transacting more online Jerome’s have also experienced a significant uptick in customers walking into their stores better prepared to buy after engaging with the 360 HD Viewer online. Customers will create their configuration online, and then with the print functionality walk into the stores with print-outs of their custom sofa configuration ready to buy - a true omni channel path to purchase that indicates the 360 Viewer conversion rate is significantly higher than what can be measured online.

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About Jerome’s Furniture
Southern California based Jerome’s Furniture is a fast growing top 50 furniture retailer in the U.S. They were established in 1953 by Jim and Esther Navarra and operates today 12 stores with five show rooms and a distribution center.
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