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Furniture visualization

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Furniture visualization

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When you show more – you sell more – it’s really that simple

Furniture customization and visualization solutions with WOW effect

Increase in-store sales by up to 250%

Imagine if your sales staff could see what customers’ homes look like. They would be much better equipped to offer personal advice and increase sales volume.

What if your staff could show customers all the configuration options available with your modular furniture system. They would be able to sell the exact configuration that customers desire.

iPad equipped sales staff, using Cylindo furniture visualization software, connect with customers on a personal and meaningful level, making them able to give better service and increase sales.

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Boost online sales by up to 75%.

Stunning online visualization gives the ultimate consumer experience; by leaving nothing to the imagination, it will ensure customers feel confident enough to buy online.

Confident customers buy more and are much less likely to return goods. When they like what they see, and they know what they are getting, they will not need to return anything. Simple.

We offer a full suite of products that guides your customers through the entire online shopping experience. From product page to shopping cart – we’ve got you covered.

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Connect with consumers

Furniture systems can be complex, with configuration options often running into the thousands. It can be virtually impossible to showcase it all.

Imagine if you could give your entire retail network all the information they needed to sell your products effectively to consumers. Moreover, what if you could keep the information up to date with a few simple clicks in real time.

Cylindo visualization software lets you build furniture and furniture settings in real time 3D, which leads to happy customers and shorter sales cycles.

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Meet Some Of Our Happy Customers

What our clients say

"What we are talking about here is the future of retail. Giving customers the full control of the purchase experience. Intuitive technology tools are a critical part in making that happen – and that is why we have chosen to partner with Cylindo!"

− Lekan Bashua, Turnstone

"Cylindo have the most amazing 3D graphics I have seen on the market. We started the cooperation in 2009 and are still very happy for the ongoing cooperation which have given us lots of new opportunities!"

− Tommie Saul, Bolia International

"Steelcase was looking for a way to allow direct customers to be able to design and specify our products without the need of a designer. Cylindo had the best product by far. This was true not only in its current capabilities but in the ability to augment for individual need and in the cost for entry and life cycle maintenance. Their use of a mixed gaming and business software environment is truly cutting edge!"

− Stephen Goetzinger, Steelcase
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Why Cylindo?

Learn why Cylindo is an integrated part of Turnstone’s digital strategy.

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