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5 Visual Content Headaches – And How To Get Rid Of Them

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visual content

Great product visualization is invaluable, but it’s also easier said than done

Furniture retailers and manufacturers all agree images are important. Images fill in the gaps left by product descriptions and they are a great support in many different sales situations.

During tradeshows, like High Point Market and Las Vegas Market, images support the manufacturers’ efforts to convince retailers to buy. Catalogues, tear sheets, digital images of various formats, all help products stay top of mind after the retailer has left the showroom or booth.

On all other days of the year, images play a massive role in the lives of every furniture retailer out there. Without images websites would be incredibly boring, not to mention virtually useless. We know upwards 80% of consumers research online before deciding where to shop, imagine how many would choose the store that didn’t display any images on the website! Read More

The Right Furniture Display Will Make You Or Break You Online

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Woman looking at 360 HD Viewer on mac

If you sell furniture online, or have plans to start selling furniture online, you have probably thought a great deal about how to do it successfully.

Selling furniture online is not easy. Some retailers report scary return rates in the double digits. Enough to make the most forward thinking retailer press pause and give this new channel a little extra thought.

But there is no way around it – online shopping is here stay and the furniture industry will have to join the movement. It is what customers demand. And the demand will only grow with time. So learn to do ecommerce right from the start and save yourself a whole lot of headaches… and money. Read More

Why You Sell More Using A Room Planner

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Room Planner iPad

Anyone who has ever sold furniture knows it can be difficult to give useful advice to customers because you do not know what the customer’s home looks like.

It is not like selling a dress where you can see it on the customer and based on what you see give advice on cut, length, color etc.

Not knowing the size and look of the room are barriers to delivering exceptional sales service. The right furniture for the right space is important for most customers, as veteran industry consultant Joe Capillo says, “Simply knowing and showing technical things about construction, materials, fabrics, color, pricing, delivery – won’t get you connected to the one thing you know nothing about: The Room!”.
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3D Furniture Builder helps Norway’s largest furniture retailer

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Cylindo at Bohus event

I went to an interesting event last week. It was Bohus, Norway’s largest furniture retail chain, that every year gathers all their furniture manufacturers and storeowners for a great Bohus trade-show. An excellent way to discover what is new, build relations and, of course, trade.

As a leading retailer, Bohus is aiming to stay ahead of the pack, by delivering excellent shopping experiences, whether in-store or online. One of the ways they are succeeding is by collaborating with Cylindo on delivering interactive visualization like the 3D Furniture Builder.

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IKEA Waking up to Online Furniture Reality

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Cylindo online shopping

After a stellar online Christmas performance, with sales up 33.5% compared with in-store sales 8.8%, IKEA is finally waking up and smelling the online coffee.

It has taken IKEA a long time to accept that the market is heading online; where other companies quickly saw an opportunity IKEA was hesitant and as a result has not been able to establish a solid online footprint in the industry. Read More